Tinkling wind chimes

Wind chimes are otherwise called as Aeolian chimes which are played by the wind. The frequency of the wind chimes is determined by the length, width, thickness and material. The wind chimes are generally made of materials like metal, wood or rubber ball which may be hung in the center.

Wind chimes are eminent for generating pleasing sound; it will be best decor for your home and garden. Wind chimes are thought to be good luck in Africa and are used in Feng Shui.These wind chimes produce pleasant tinkling to dull bangs. The clappers are made from metal, some from wood, or another material to produce variations of sounds.

Wind chimes are used ever since the prehistoric times. There is belief that wind chimes are hung over the door to keep out wicked spirits and fend off evil omens. Some of the tunes produced by wind chimes have a healing effect. The sound improves concentration. reduce stress and soothe your mind. The metal chimes are best for North, Northwest and West whereas the wood chimes are said best for South, Southeast and East.

Wind chimes with 4,6,7,8 or 18 rods are used for luck and using 5 rods to reject bad energy. The wind chimes are available in variety of designs and materials for you to hang out. The wind chimes are hanged such the place must have less wind blow, because a strong wind may damage your chimes.

Wind chimes add beauty to your garden and home, they also figurative of harmony and peace. These chimes are best for decorative purpose, made of aluminium sound best, but made to look like copper for decorative purpose. These wind chimes look great for giving gifts.

Wind chimes not only add beauty to your home/garden but also some of the tones and vibrations are helpful to pacify your mind.

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