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home-photo-320If you’re building a new home or adding to your existing home and would like to be your own General Contractor then E-Z Builder Pro is the right software for you! If you’re not quite sure where to start, or even if you can handle the process, let E-Z Builder Pro ease your mind and go to work for you. 

Now, the average person can be their own General Contractor. With E-Z Builder Pro, individuals can easily upload their prints, request quotes, create budgets, manage subcontractors, have access to contracts, building permits, state codes and much more.

One of the most daunting tasks when building a home is requesting quotes from qualified subs. Normally, this process can take multiple days or even weeks. It usually requires you to meet with many different subs and provide each one with a set of prints and a scope of work that you require from them. The next step, once you have received these quotes, is to do your homework and find out which contractors are reliable and which ones are not. For the average person that is not in construction, this process can be overwhelming and can easily take weeks!

At Home Building Estimates, we have eliminated a great deal of the homework for you. We rate all of our contractors based on a grading system of 1 to 100. We arrive at this score based on facts not opinions. The facts we use are derived from many statistics, including credit ratings, years in business, insurances, licenses and many other classifications. Our team has determined that a qualified contractor should score at least an 80 or better. In the process of creating this scoring system, we found a large number of contractors that did not make the grade. Therefore, a contractor must score an 80 or better to even submit a quote on your project. This guarantees to you that all of our contractors are up to par and are of the best quality.

E-Z Builder Pro does the rest by you simply uploading your blueprints and answering a series of questions about your project. You will be guided through each category step by step. The process that would have normally taken weeks of frustrating time and countless hours takes less than 2 hours on E-Z Builder Pro.


The average general contractor marks up their services 15% – 30%! This means by using E-Z Builder Pro to act as your own General Contractor, YOU can save that money. For example, you can save roughly $40,000 up front on a $240,000 home plus an additional $37,000 in interest by initially getting a loan for $200,000 instead of $240,000. This equals a total savings of $77,000 just by being your own General Contractor!

Being your own General Contractor will require effort on your part, but by using E-Z Builder Pro the process will be greatly simplified. E-Z Builder Pro will help you manage your project, keep organized and stay on track. The best part of E-Z Builder Pro is that it is absolutely free for consumers to use.

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