New Home Construction January 2017 [Infographic]

Our latest infographic shows the state of new home construction in January 2017. Please share it!

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Home Construction 2014 [Infographic]

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Enjoy Your Backyard

If you are one of the lucky people in life that is blessed with having a backyard outside your home, then enjoy it. Use your back yard, make it into a favorite place for you, your family and your friends

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Keeping Water OUT of Your Basement

A common problem in old or even new (or newer) homes is that of water leaking into the basement via foundation walls (and slabs). In this post we will look at practical steps of alleviating that issue from the beginning-

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Improve your home so that it’s wheelchair accessible

You’ve put time and effort into making your house the dream home you’ve always wanted- but have you planned for if you’re ever wheelchair-bound? Using a wheelchair doesn’t mean you have to leave your home and live in an assisted-living

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Top 5 Home Improvements To Add Value To Your Property

Many homeowners take out a homeowner loan to carry out home improvements every year, and there are a number of popular improvements that can really add value to your home, making your loan a very worthwhile investment. With the right

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Wood Floors Contribute To Better Air Quality

An estimated 35 million Americans suffer from health problems as a result of allergens. In fact, statistics from the Allergy Consumer Review show that allergens account for 10 million missed workdays each year. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor

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Tinkling wind chimes

Wind chimes are otherwise called as Aeolian chimes which are played by the wind. The frequency of the wind chimes is determined by the length, width, thickness and material. The wind chimes are generally made of materials like metal, wood

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Clean Bathrooms As a Marketing Tool

My wife and I travel to Maine often to visit friends and family. There is a chain of gas stations called Blue Canoe (how cute) that are run by the Irving company up there. We almost always (99% of the

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A Single Mom’s Guide to Home Improvement

When I bought my house nine years ago, my son was about to turn three and I reveled in the security of owning my slice of the American dream. Being a single mom was (and is!) both challenging and rewarding,

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